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A Lenten Spiritual Exercise

Overview of the Lenten Spiritual Exercise:

Text "Power" to 84576 to get started and add yourself to the  Rgroup!

Please download the R3 Pdf on the left side of the page

 R3 Quick-Start Guide

1.       Discern with prayer to commit to the 40 days!

2.       Begin March 1; please attend Ash Wednesday Mass

3.       Observe the days of fasting and abstinence (Ash Wednesday and Good Friday (Fast and Abstain) all Fridays of Lent - abstain)

4.       Give up 1 modern comfort and 1 dietary comfort (Feel free to add 1 every 10 days if you would like). (See links to the left)

5.       Say your daily prayers (see links to the left)

6.       Say your daily devotion (devotions change every 10 days) (see links to the left)

7.       Exercise 3x or more a week for 15 minutes (with doctor’s permission according to your fitness level)

8.       Provide for the poor

9.       Read and act on the daily R3 emails (if you don’t do anything else this lent, do this!) Sign up by texting power to 84576 or navigate to https://new.flocknote.com/StMonicaORE  and set up a free account

10.   Smile - a lot!

For further explanation, download the PDF on the left.


  • Four (4), ten (10) day sections, which are progressive in nature, beginning March 1 please attend Ash Wednesday Mass. Sundays in Lent are not included in the program but are part of our spiritual exercises.  It is your call, on how to include them in your journey – Mass is not negotiable.
  • Each section may consist of daily prayer, scripture and catechesis, a specific devotion, physical exercise, ascetic practice(s), and opportunity for almsgiving. It is your choice how you would like to structure your spiritual exercise. 
  • Remind, Reaffirm, Redeem – R3 is a handy way to remember a simply philosophy on reading the Word of God. 
    • In the Gospels, Christ gives us reminders how to conduct our life
    • We then have the choice to reaffirm our resolve in Him
    • So that we can share in the redemption of the Cross – get to heaven
  • Daily email links based on the R3 philosophy – Scripture, Catechesis, and Gospel to Life action
  • A Spiritual Exercise to suit your needs: 
    • Level 1: Morning Prayer, RDaily Email,  ascetic practice of your choosing, Almsgiving
    • Level 2: Morning and Evening Prayer, RDaily Email, 1 ascetic practice of your Choosing, Almsgiving
    • Level 3: Morning, Afternoon and Evening prayer, RDaily Email, 2 ascetic practices, Devotion, Almsgiving - Consider daily Mass and or weekly adoration
    • Level 4: Morning, Afternoon and Evening prayer, RDaily Email, 2+ ascetic practices, Devotion, exercise and Almsgiving 
  • Consider giving a full 10% tithe for the duration of lent: Catholic Community Services, Operation Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services, Unbound, Save the Storks, St. Monica Parish offering, St. Monica Parish School Fund, etc.


  • Sacrament of Reconciliation before March 1 – offered every Saturday at 8:30AM and 3:30PM.  Parish Reconciliation Liturgy – March 1 (For examination of conscience see link on left side)
  • Mass on Ash Wednesday (day of fast and abstinence)
  • Daily Prayer (see links on the left)
    • AM – Morning offering, Glory Be, St. Michael;
    • Midday – Angelus
    • PM (before bed) Examination of Conscience and Act of Contrition.
  • R3: Daily Scripture, Catechesis, and a Gospel to Life application will be delivered via Flocknote – you will need an active account with a good email address and there is an option for texting – just text “power” to 84576 and follow the prompts. Or navigate to https://new.flocknote.com/StMonicaORE  and set up an account. 
    • Daily Scripture – from the Gospels arranged by theme
      • 1 – 10: Gospel of Matthew – Sermon on the Mount
      • 11- 20: Gospel of Luke – Prayer
      • 21 – 30: Gospel of John – Holy Spirit/Christ’s Prayer
      • 31- 40: Gospel of Mark – The Passion
    • Daily Catechesis – aligned with the scripture
    • Daily Challenge – Gospel to Life/Life to Gospel application – With an invitation or daily challenge to accomplish.
  • The devotions (see link on the left) will change every 10 days – feel free to incorporate them all or follow the program. Option of including the Parish Mission with Fr. Serge – Mar. 13 – 16. (Sundays are not counted in the 40 days.)
    • 1 – 10: Divine Mercy Chaplet (Mar. 1 – Mar. 11)
    • 11 – 20: St. Michael Chaplet (Mar 13 – 23)
    • 21 – 30: Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary (Mar 24 – Apr. 4)
    • 31 – 40: Stations of the Cross (April 5 – 15)
    • Option: If you participated in Dynamic Catholic’s Best Lent Ever program last year and would like to do so again, please navigate to http://dynamiccatholic.com/bestlentever and sign up for the daily email. If you opt for this program let me know if you would still like to receive the daily R3 email distribution. Otherwise, you will receive it along with the best lent ever email.
  • Tithe – additionally for those most marginalized in our society
  • Fasting - During Lent in the Catholic Church, fasting is a limit on food consumption.  It limits our meal intake to one (1) meal a day with two (2) smaller meals, if combined would not exceed the size of the one (1) meal.  It is required for those between the ages of 18 and 59 (your 59th birthday begins your 60th year).
  • Abstenance - Abstaining from meat refers to the refusal or denial of meat consumption on all Fridays during Lent.  It is a requirement during Lent to abstain from meat (and items made with meat) for those fourteen (14) years of age and older.




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