Parish Prayer List & Mass Intentions

Current Mass Intentions

Friday October 16 Elizabeth Ticknor (RIP)
Saturday October 17 Bryan Taylor
Monday October 19 Charles Kaminski (RIP)
Tuesday October 20 Fr. Pat Ritter (RIP)
Wednesday October 21 Karen Matteson (RIP)
Thursday October 22 Myron Miller
Friday October 23 Ada Yee (RIP)
Saturday October 24 Johnny Yiu (RIP)

Parish Community Prayer List

Please remember in your prayers at Mass and at home this week all those who have asked for our prayers.

Katherine Albert, Warren E. Allen, Dave Anastasi, Ryan Anderson, Audrey Bannick, Mary Anne Bannick, Lou Belanger, Barbara Bigelow, Anne Borst, Frances Burke, Theresa Colley, Denny Crispin, Colleen Currid, Ralph Di Cecco, Paul Desimone, Tom Donahue, Virgina Donley, Todd Elliott, Jo Ferullo, Ann Marie Figueroa, Josephine Filippini, Joseph Flaig, Cassie Fritz, Richard Gaddy, Brian Geasy, Maggie Gibbons, Douglas Gribble, Sandy Hanna, Michael Hasme, Martha Hickman, Mary Susan Hillgren, Yolanda Hinman, Aaron Hubert, Kris Hubert, Galen Hubert, Larry Hunhoff, Noel Hunhoff, David Hunsaker, Joan Irwin, Larry Jergens, Greg Kolesar, Aurelia Lim, Charles Lovejoy, Michelle Macartney, Laura Marick, Ray Marsh, Jim Mazure, Bianca Mazza, Patrick McCarthy, Mike McMullan, Melissa Leuckel-Milburn, Bob Mitchell, Janet Nagel, Brittany Newell, Loyal Nordstrom, Tom Oberdorf, Linda Ojemann, Todd Psyk, Brian Quinn, Kay Reagan, Martha Reid, Carol Rutherford, David Sarruf, Margaret Schade, Sylvia Severide, Deb Severide, Bpaw Shelhamer, Matt Shelhamer, Florence Shively, Daniel Shure, Angela Smith, Carl Smith, Kevin Smith, Mildred Snyder, Anne Soffe, Olivia Stuckey, Katerina Tiscornia, Wally Tomy, Tim Villeneuve, Elli Wenstein, Tom White, Wing Wong, Lavina Zelonka, Carv Zwingle


Submitting an Intention

If you would like a Mass said for a specific intention or if you would like your name or that of a loved one included in our prayer list, please contact Gloria at the parish office. 

Gloria Hardy
Parish Office Manager
206-232-2900 ext. 100

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