Finance Council

Purpose and Scope

The Finance Council serves as a consultative body that advises Father Freitag about the stewardship of parish financial resources. A parish finance council is required by Canon Law, though the Pastor retains responsibility for all parish operations and activities, including its financial affairs, under the provisions of this law. Accordingly, the Finance Council provides its financial advice to Father Freitag based on the policies, priorities, and programs determined by him. The scope of the Council's function includes banking, donor support, budgeting, and financial accounting and reporting.

Criteria for Membership

Parishioners with experience in business, finance, or accounting, and active in parish life through participation in Annual Sacrificial Giving Renewal comprise the Finance Council


Eight to ten members are recommended.


Council membership is determined through an open process, such as the Annual Sacrificial Giving Renewal, starting with identification of membership needs, followed by an introductory interview with the Finance Council Chair and a discernment process by the Council, resulting in candidate recommendations to the Pastor. Final membership approval rests solely with the Pastor.


The Finance Council communicates directly to the Pastor, with the PA for Administration responsible for the administrative operation of the Council.

Term of Office

Term of office is three years. Terms are staggered so that membership rotates. Term of office for the chairperson is one year, twice renewable. The chairperson is selected from members who have served at least two years on the Council. Prospective chairs are discerned by the Pastor, in conjunction with the PA for Administration, and serve at the sole invitation of the Pastor.


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