Religious Education Registration

 to allow you to pick the classes.

 Faith Forward (Elementary grades 1-5, Sunday)
 *1st Grade Faith Forward (Pre-requisite year for 1st Communion)
 *2nd Grade Faith Forward (Must attend in conjunction with 1st Communion if you do
 not attend St. Monica School)
 *3rd Grade Faith Forward
 *4th Grade Faith Forward
 *5th Grade Faith Forward

 REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED--*1st Communion **(Sundays)** (We will need a
 copy of your child's baptism certificate. All Baptism Certificates are due on November
 14, 2017 (NO exceptions)

 Youth Group (6th Grade to 12th Grade)
 *Middle School, (Grades 6-8, Tuesday) (7th and/or 8th Grade pre-requisite year for
 *High School (Grades 9-12, Monday) (Confirmation students must attend in conjunction
 with Confirmation if you do not attend Catholic School)

 REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED--Confirmation**(Sundays)** (If you are registering for
 Confirmation, you will need a copy of your child's baptism certificate, Sponsorship form
 (found on Payment page) and Confirmation Elect form (found on Payment page).
 Please download, fill out and bring them the first day of class. All forms (Fully
 Completed) and Baptismal copies are due (NO exceptions) on November 14, 2017)
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Instructions When filling out the Student's information, if you cannot find the church of Baptism, Communion, or Confirmation, please mark *OTHER*. Then in the *Other Place* box, please write the name of church, city and state. If you found the name and place of church, please mark *NA*.
  If you received a letter, please click on *Update Existing Family Information*, then insert your parish ID number in the box labeled *ID/Env:*.

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